Aug 30 - Sept 3, 2018

Dragon Con 2018 Art Show

Aug 30 - Sept 3, 2018
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The Dragon Con Art Show Awards will be given to winning artists for the prescribed categories below at the Convention during the Art Show Awards Ceremony (please check the Last Minute Letter for schedule details).

The Guest Judges determine all awards with the exception of the Special Awards and the Artists' Choice Award.

In order to be eligible for the awards, you must have your artwork in place by 10 am Friday of the convention.

If there are insufficient entries in a particular category, at the discretion of the Guest Judges, an award may not be presented.

The Artist Choice Award is determined by the attending artists onsite at the Art Show.

The Special Awards are determined by the votes of the Convention attendees at the Art Show.

An additional perk with these awards is that any artist (Student Awards do not qualify) who wins an Art Show Award in at least one of the prescribed categories that year can be a pre-approved artist at the Show the following year if they apply to the Show during an open Jury Round submission opportunity. That means they will get to by-pass Jury and will be permitted to apply for space as soon as we open for Jury submissions.

However, please be aware that winning an Art Show Award does not guarantee that the artist's application will be accepted automatically, all other Art Show rules and procedures for accepting an application still apply.

So, be sure to have all your artwork up and ready by 10:00 a.m. on Friday to be considered for an award (or possibly two) by the Judges.


Student Awards

(Voted on by Dragon Con Guest Judges)

  First Place Second Place  
  Third Place    


Special Awards

(Voted on by Convention Attendees)

  Best Warrior Best Amazon/Fairy  
  Best Dragon Best Alien  
  Best Spaceship or Space Scene Best Horror  
  Most Humorous    


Artists' Choice Award

(Voted on by Attending Art Show Artists)

Artists' Choice Award


Artist Awards

(Voted on by Dragon Con Guest Judges)

  Best In Show First Page  
  Second Place Third Place  
  Best 2-D Piece Best 3-D Piece  
  Best Doll Best Jewelry Art  
  Best Mixed Media Best Photography  
  Best Black and White Best Digital