Aug 30 - Sept 3, 2018

Dragon Con 2018 Art Show

Aug 30 - Sept 3, 2018
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Art Gallery

Art Gallery space is only for original artwork or "limited edition" prints that are different from those placed in the Print Shop. Limited edition prints should have a total of no more than 250 in the limited edition and should prominently show the artistís signature and run of the edition (e.g.- Jane Doe, 27 of 50) somewhere on the print. Also, the physical size of the limited edition prints needs to be different from those placed in the Print Shop through the use of larger matting, framing, etc. The limited edition print information must be listed on both the control sheets and the bidder sheets.


All artwork information must be accurately labeled on the art piece. Both originals and prints may go into the Art Gallery, but the artist must make the print unique in some way (e.g., limited run, signed edition, unique frame, special matting, special printing techniques, etc.).


A certain number of pieces you show in the Art Gallery may be labeled "Not For Sale" or "NFS", if you do not wish to sell them during the Show. For more detailed information about "NFS" usage with submitted artwork, please refer to the Filling Out Control and Bid Sheets tab.


Space Available in the Art Gallery

Below are some guidelines and descriptions about the different space requests available at the Dragon Con Art Show. Please consider carefully which areas that may be most beneficial for your particular artistic medium, experience level, available inventory, etc. before requesting space. Pricing for each of the types of space listed below are available on the Art Show Application Form.


2 Panels

- Each panel is a four foot by four foot sized pegboard attached to a pipe and pegboard bay system on the Art Gallery floor. We have a limited number of end caps which contain just two panels and a greater number of large bays which contain four panels each. For the large bays, two panels are sold to one artist and the other two are sold to another artist after the end caps have been filled. This space is most appropriate for 2-D and some 3-D artwork (usally low relief).

Large Bay (4 Panels)

- Each of the pegboard panels in a large bay configuration are the same size as the two panel description above. The main difference is that the artist is purchasing the entire bay that is eight foot long by four foot deep when choosing this space request. This space is most appropriate for 2-D and some 3-D artwork (again, usually low relief).

3-D Table

- Each 3-D table is six feet in length by thirty inches wide (a standard draped folding table). Most artists use this space for items like scuplture, jewelry, dolls, small scale artwork, etc. when choosing this space request. This space is most appropriate for 3-D artwork.


- Each of the floorspace areas available match the size of a 3-D table, that is six foot in length by thirty inches wide, only on the floor. Most artists use this space for items like large scale scuplture, furniture, dolls, unusual custom hanging systems for artwork, etc. when choosing this space request. This space is most appropriate for large scale 3-D and some 2-D artwork.

Artists' Bazaar Tables or Booths

- These are specialized spaces available to artists wishing to sell directly to the attendees onsite. Each type of space has specific items and amenities attached to it for the price. Please see the section below listed as Artists' Bazaar Table or Booth for more details about this type of space request. This space is most appropriate for both 2-D and 3-D artwork.


We will charge a 15% sales commission on all pieces sold in the Art Gallery through the Art Show. Please allow for this when calculating your Quick Sale, Minimum Bid and After-Auction prices.


Pricing your Artwork

Pricing of one's artwork for any Art Show can be a very subjective process. Many factors can come into play (e.g. subject matter, fan base of the artist, demand for the artwork, the economy, etc.) that can effect the sales success or failure for the artist at the Show. But, the most common factor can be traced back to the pricing of the artwork. It has been our experience over the years that the most successful artists at the Show always present a wide range of price points on their Art Gallery artwork and a low to moderate price point range on their prints in the Print Shop to greatly increase the chances of making a sale. While the Dragon Con Art Show cannot guarantee sales for any attending artist, we do recommend adopting this type of sales strategy when deciding on your price points for your artwork at the Show. If you have any questions or concerns about pricing your artwork, then please feel free to contact the Art Show Directors for assistance.


Quick Sale Price

- This price is only valid if there are no bids on the item.

- This should be a price higher than the minimum bid that will enable the piece to be sold without going to auction.

- If a customer wishes to purchase the piece for the listed Quick Sale amount, they will be permitted to remove the item from the Art Gallery and pay for it immediately through the Art Show. It is not required that they leave the piece on display for the duration of the Show.


Minimum Bid Price

- The least amount you will accept for the sale of your art.


After-Auction Price

- If there are no bids on the piece after the silent auction ends at 6 pm on Sunday, buyers may purchase the piece at the after-auction price.

- If the after-auction price is too low, it will reduce the chances of the piece going to auction.


For more detailed information about pricing, control sheets, bid sheets, piece id sheets and other paperwork instructions, please refer to the Filling Out Control and Bid Sheets tab.


Voice Auction

All pieces that receive 5 bids in the silent auction before the Sunday close of bidding at 6 pm will go to the Voice Auction on Monday.


Charity pieces may go directly to the Voice Auction without participating in the silent auction.


Print Shop

Please be aware that Print Shop space may be purchased only after purchasing any Art Gallery space listed on the application form. The artist may not purchase Print Shop separately from other space options.


An artist may enter a maximum of 15 different print titles into the Print Shop, for a maximum of 150 total items.

- This means an artist may bring 150 copies of 1 print title, 15 copies each of 10 different print titles or 10 copies each of 15 different print titles, etc. as long as they do not exceed the 15 print title or 150 total item limit for the Print Shop.

- Please be aware that while we do allow a maximum of 15 different print titles, we recommend no more than 10 different print titles. The reason for this is that there is a limited amount of space in the Print Shop. We may have to stack prints closer together if we begin to get crowded and those with a large number of print titles may find their prints cannot all be shown at the same time.

- Agents and/or galleries representing a number of artists may bring the maximum quantities PER ARTIST they represent.


For all prints in the Print Shop, we highly recommend your artwork be matted and/or cardboard backed and placed in some type of plastic cover or sleeve.


Both matted, non-matted and/or cardboard backed copies are allowed in the Print Shop, however, most of the prints in the Print Shop will be standing up on the display racks.

- These display racks do not have clips or bars to hold the art upright, so if you choose not to matte your items, it is recommended that you at least put a piece of cardboard behind each of the items you display, to prevent them from "slouching" or falling off the display racks.

- Remember: the better the presentation, the greater chance it will sell.


We will charge a 15% commission on all pieces sold in the Print Shop through the Art Show. Please allow for this when you are calculating your prices.


An Art Show volunteer will be present in the Print Shop during set up. S/he will direct you to where you may display your artwork and will then check you into the Show.

- Please be aware that if the Print Shop starts getting crowded on the display racks, the volunteer will start to move everyone's prints around to make room for additional artists. In this event, care will be taken to ensure that the pieces being overlapped are not covered to the point where potential customers cannot see the artwork.


Small Items Display

- Small scale artwork items in the Print Shop, such as miniatures, bookmarks, buttons, postcards, etc. can be easier to pocket through theft than larger prints or artwork. While our incident of theft during the Show is extremely low and we make every effort to cut down on this sort of thing with our internal security and onsite police officers, it can still happen. Every artist and/or agent needs to plan accordingly to secure smaller items in the Print Shop while still following our guidelines for placement of barcodes, piece ids and artist contact information.


Artists' Bazaar Table or Booth

Please be aware that a Artist's Bazaar table space may be purchased only after purchasing one or more of the different Art Gallery space choices first that are listed on the application form. The only exception is that the 2 Panels space choice is not available with a Bazaar table purchase. The artist may not purchase a Bazaar table separately from other space options.


The Artists' Bazaar is the Art Show marketplace. Qualifying artists may purchase a table and then sell their artwork at the Show.


Tables in the Artists' Bazaar are available to any artist who has passed Jury, purchased space in the Art Gallery and has been placed on the floor per their online status page.


A Bazaar table is six feet in length by thirty inches wide (a standard draped folding table with two chairs).


An Artist Booth is a combination space of a Bazaar Table and 2 Large Bays together that includes Print Shop and Electricity as part of the total price.


There is a limit of either 1 Bazaar table or 1 Artist Booth per artist, but not both together.


Artists with a Bazaar table or an Artist Booth that have sales at those tables MUST issue receipts with each piece of artwork that is sold because Security checks for them at all exits from the Art Show.


A Bazaar table or Booth must be staffed by the artist and/or agent or designated alternates at all times during the Art Show hours of operation.

- The Art Show will not supply volunteers to run a Bazaar table or Booth.


Both the Bazaar table and the Booth come with ONE included membership to the convention for the attending artist ONLY.

- Anyone else accompanying the artist during the convention must purchase Dragon Con memberships at current convention pricing.

- Anyone with a security sticker can help set up (please see the Last Minute Letter for details), but once the doors open to Dragon Con attendees at 1pm on Friday, entry into the Art Show will be restricted to badged members only.


Artists are permitted to work on artwork at their Bazaar table or Booth, as long as the set-up for such work does not exceed the space allotted to the artist and is not disruptive to fellow attending artists, convention attendees or the Art Show staff.

Use of materials considered hazardous or flammable or that must be used in a ventilated environment is not permitted.

Use of tools or materials that are disruptive to those in the vicinity is also not permitted.


All items for sale at Bazaar tables or Booths must be items made by the artist or from the artist's designs.

- Reselling someone else's artwork is not permitted.


Bazaar table or Booth space will NOT be sold at the Art Show.


Items sold at the Artist Bazaar tables or Artist Booths must adhere to subject matter guidelines.

- Art Show Directors reserve the right to ask that items not meeting subject matter guidelines are removed from an artist's Bazaar table or Artist Booth.


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