Aug 30 - Sept 3, 2018

Dragon Con 2018 Art Show

Aug 30 - Sept 3, 2018
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The Dragon Con Art Show is a juried Show. Artists will be juried using their most recent work (preferably within the past 2 years).


Application to the Dragon Con Art Show is a fully online system process. While we strive to make the online experience as user friendly as possible to both the computer savy and not so savy artist, user and technical issues can arise. If you have an issue with the system or you just have questions in general, then please feel free to contact the Art Show Directors for assistance. We are here to help you.


There is no Jury fee when applying to the Dragon Con Art Show.


Jurying is open to all artists who intend to buy space at the Dragon Con Art Show.


Jury submissions need not be the exact pieces that will be entered into the Show. However, Jury submissions should be representative of the subject matter, style and quality of the artwork brought to the Show. Please be aware that extreme deviation from this policy can be grounds for removal from the Show. When in doubt, please feel free to contact the Art Show Directors for verification.


Image samples must be uploaded by clicking on the "Jury Images" link on the Main Page of the Dragon Con Art Show Online Registration and Application System


Do not contact any Dragon Con 2018 Jury member about the Jury process. Violation of this rule will result in the artist being disqualified from this year's and next year's Dragon Con Art Show.


Correct use of the application and all other online forms is MANDATORY. Failure to follow instructions and proper procedures for any online form may result in the applicant not being accepted into the Art Show. Mailed copies of any of the online forms will not be accepted unless prior permission has been given from the Art Show Directors. If you are having some kind of issue with the online forms, please feel free to contact the Art Show Directors for assistance.


Pre-Approval Criteria

An artist is not required to go through the Jury process if they meet any of the following criteria:

- The artist has won at least one Dragon Con Art Show Jury Award at the Dragon Con 2017 Art Show.

- The artist has been a Dragon Con Guest Juror in the past.


The Art Show Directors may pre-approve additional artists. In this case, e-mails will be sent out prior to opening for Jury submissions, informing these artists of their pre-approval.


If you qualify for automatic Jury acceptance, please continue on to the Dragon Con Art Show Online Registration and Application System for information on how to book your space for 2018.

- Artists that are exempt from Jury must still complete the application form and submit a credit card number or send in a check as soon as the Jury process begins, to ensure their placement in the 2018 Dragon Con Art Show.


Jury Submission Requirements

While the Jury process itself is free, the application to the Jury process must be accompanied by a check or credit card number to cover the fees for the requested Art Show space(s) before the artist's 7 images are presented to the Jury.

- The credit card will not be charged or the check cashed until the artist has been assigned the requested space at the Show and placed on the floor.

- If the artist does not pass Jury, we will retain no record of the credit card information or the check will be returned.


If the artist does pass Jury, then the credit card will be charged or the check will be cashed when the artist has been assigned the requested space at the Show and placed on the floor.


An artist's image samples will not be given to the Jury until both their application form and space payment have been received. Failure to give payment information during the application process before deadline can result in the artist missing a jurying opportunity and not getting into the Show.


In the event that there are multiple Jury rounds, an artist needs to pass only one Jury opportunity for the 2018 Art Show.


If an artist is declined, they are declined for the 2018 Art Show only.

- If an artist is declined in the first Jury round, they may not apply to subsequent Jury opportunities for the same year.


Criteria for Images Submitted to the Jury

If a submitted Jury image is in violation of the Jury image criteria, your image may be rejected prior to being presented to the Jury.

- It is the artist's responsibility to replace this image with one that meets the criteria prior to the close of the Jury round.

- If you are having difficulty meeting the Jury image criteria, submitting an image or other issues, then please feel free to contact the Art Show Directors for assistance.


Copyright information and/or the name of the artist should not be present on the images. Failure to comply with this rule will force us to return the image(s) to the artist for correction(s).

- Any identifying artist marks, watermarks or copyright marks are to be left off the images so that the Jury can base their decision on the merit of the artwork only and not be persuaded one way or the other by who created the artwork (Failure to comply with this rule will be the primary reason an image is rejected).


Each artist must submit 7 images.


The images must represent samples of the artistís best work for the last 2 years.


Agents applying to the Art Show representing multiple artists must insure that the appropriate number of samples is submitted for each artist.


Image Specifications

- Dimensions - The largest side of each image should be 500 pixels.

- Resolution - 72 dpi.

- File Format - Baseline JPG (do not use progressive JPG format).

- File Size - Each image file size must be less than 400KB

- File Name - Include your name and piece title in the file name of each image.


Jury Calendar

  Mar 3 Jury Opens - Round 1  
  Apr 1 Jury Closes - Round 1 - All applications, Jury images and REQUIRED daytime phone numbers are due.  
  TBD Jury Results - Notice of acceptance or decline status will be updated on all artist's status pages as well as an email being sent to those artists who applied to Jury - Round 1.  
  May 20 Notification of a Jury Round 2 will be announced, if necessary.