Aug 30 - Sept 3, 2018

Dragon Con 2018 Art Show

Aug 30 - Sept 3, 2018
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General Information

Artists who want to Mail-in their artwork must send a request via e-mail to the Art Show Directors and will be approved on a case-by-case basis. The Art Show Directors will send an approved/declined email within 30 days and will CC the Dragon Con office. Also, your online status page will show your Mail-in status as well.

- All artists mailing artwork to the convention must be pre-approved or have already passed Jury.

- Artwork arriving at the Dragon Con office will be returned if prior approval has not been given.

- Having Mail-in status in previous years does not guarantee that you will be able to Mail-in for this year, too.


If you have been approved for Mail-in and passed Jury, you should have submitted your online application form, given your space request payment options and filled out all of your paperwork prior to shipping your artwork. If there are any changes to your paperwork prior to shipping, then you must notify the Art Show Directors of those changes via e-mail so we can verify the changes you have made to your online forms before you ship your artwork to the Show. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the applicant not being accepted into the Art Show.


Copies of all control sheets must be submitted no later than July 1, 2018, so that items can be added into inventory and barcode labels generated for the artwork to mail out to artists prior to shipping the items to the Dragon Con office.


Please include copies of your completed and signed control sheets with your shipment.


A diagram of how the art is to be displayed in your reserved space should be included with the artwork, attached to the control sheets.


No partial Mail-ins! You cannot Mail-in part of the artwork that you will be exhibiting and bring the other part of it with you and expect the mailed artwork to be waiting for you onsite (NO EXCEPTIONS!!).



There is a $40 handling fee for all Mail-in artists, to be paid with your space reservation request.

- The Mail-in fees cannot be included with your Mail-in art, but must be received by the Art Show (credit/debit cards are preferred) or Dragon Con office (checks) before your Mail-in art arrives.

- The Mail-in art fee covers the hanging/display fees for both the Art Gallery and/or Print Shop submissions only.

- The fee does not cover your space request fees.

- The fee also does not cover your return shipping costs, which must be remitted in addition to the fee if you do not include a pre-paid label with the control sheets.

- Please note: A fine of $35 or 5% of the face amount of the check(s), whichever is greater, will be charged for any NSF check(s).



Mark your boxes on ALL SIDES in large, easy to read letters "Attn: Dragon Con Art Show" with your legal name and artist number.

- Please DO NOT use your artist name on your boxes unless it is actually your legal name as office personnel will not know who you are and may reject the package(s).

- Make sure that your name is placed on the box in such a way that the weather (rain, etc.) or handling does not destroy the legibility of the label(s).

Pre-Paid labels for shipping and insurance (highly recommended) must be remitted along with the artwork, attached to the control sheets. This will make it easy for us to find it in the package.


All Mail-in artwork postage MUST have Pre-Paid shipping to the Show as well as for return shipping. Make sure to have pre-paid labels for return shipping attached to the control sheets.


Artwork must be shipped in reusable shipping containers that are sturdy enough to survive the shipping and handling procedures to and from the Art Show. Please DO NOT use pieces of cardboard or mutiple boxes of different sizes taped together to ship your artwork. Shipping artwork inside containers slapped together in this way causes more work for the Art Show staff and almost guarantees that your artwork will be broken or damaged when it arrives. Please invest in proper shipping containers.


Items that arrive broken or damaged will not be displayed.


Do not ship artwork in containers that require paper wrapping, as it may come off during shipping.


Take the time and proper care when packing your artwork for shipment.

- If you have small breakable items consider special boxes designed for this purpose and use lots & lots of bubble wrap.

- Tissue paper does not absorb the shocks that some of the boxes get in shipping. Bubble wrap has a better chance of protecting your art.


Contact the post office or other shipping companies for suggestions in packaging your work.


Always use sufficient packing materials (you cannot go wrong using too much).


Be sure to include sufficient postage with your Pre-Paid label to cover return shipping and insurance (again, highly recommended), if any.


If you want your container returned to you, even if you sell all of your work, indicate this on the control sheets as a note.


Tracking numbers may be listed in the online application, so that the office knows where your packages are.


Return Shipping

Any unsold artwork will be mailed out approximately 6-8 weeks after the convention.

- Mail-in artwork will be returned by the Dragon Con office, not the Art Show Directors.

- You may receive your artwork back prior to receiving your sales check (if any), as we recognize the artistís need to get the unsold artwork into other Art Shows as soon as possible.


Return postage MUST be included in the form of a pre-printed - Pre-Paid mailing label. We will no longer accept checks or other forms of payment for return postage inside the box(es).


Payment for return shipping, due to a lack of a Pre-Paid label attached to the control sheets, will not be deducted from your sales check.


If we do not receive a pre-paid label, then the return postage charge to return your artwork will be put toward the credit card you provided during the Jury submission process.


If the Dragon Con office has not received a pre-paid label inside the shipping box(es) or the credit card you provided during the Jury submission process is no longer valid within 30 days of post Con, your artwork will become the property of the Convention.


Dragon Con can use the U.S. Postal Service, UPS and FedEx to ship artwork back to artists.

- If we do not receive a pre-paid label for return postage, then the artwork will be returned via UPS.

- UPS will not ship to a Post Office Box, so we always need a physical street address.


It is the artistís responsibility to provide insurance for their artwork, not the responsibility of the Convention.

- If you do not send us a pre-paid label and instead send another form of payment, then please record the amount of insurance to be purchased for return shipping on the control sheets.


Initial shipping charges may or may not be the same as return shipping.

- Please be aware that some shipping companies may charge differently for a residential delivery than a business delivery.


2018 Deadlines

  Jul 1Control Sheets must be submitted so barcode labels can be generated.  
  August 15Absolute last day for artwork to arrive at the Dragon Con office.  
  August 15Dragon Con Office closes - artwork arriving after this date will be returned after the Show  


If your artwork does not arrive by the August 15 Mail-in deadline and you have not notified the Art Show Directors of any alternate plans to get your artwork to the Art Show, then we will assume that you are forfeiting your space and it will be sold.

- A refund will NOT be issued.


If, for some reason, you cannot get your Mail-in artwork to the Dragon Con office by the deadline, it is suggested that you find an alternate method of getting your work to the Show such as asking an attending artist, friend or relative to bring your work.

- You will meet many of the attending artists on the Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror/Space Art Shows Yahoo Group.

- Individuals do not need a Convention membership badge to set-up artwork prior to 12 p.m. on Friday or to breakdown artwork after 4 p.m. on Monday of the Convention. However, they will need a security sticker(s) to gain access during these times. Please just make sure these individuals are clearly marked as agents on your application form so there will be no misunderstandings as to who they are when they show up with your artwork.