Aug 30 - Sept 3, 2018

Dragon Con 2018 Art Show

Aug 30 - Sept 3, 2018
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Control Sheets Piece Id Sheets

Hand-written forms will not be accepted.


Pricing should always be in WHOLE DOLLAR AMOUNTS ONLY.


Copies of all control sheets must be submitted no later than July 15, 2018, so that items can be added into inventory and barcodes generated.


You cannot add any items to your control sheet once this information has been added to inventory. However, items may be removed when the artist checks in at the Show.


We realize that due to our early Jury process, many artists may not have all of the artwork originally listed on their control sheet available by Showtime due to selling it at other Conventions before DragonCon. While we prefer to have little or no changes to the control sheet by day of Show, we understand this cannot always be the case and will make every effort to work with each artist individually if there is an issue. Therefore, substitutions are permitted with specific conditions (please see below) prior to check-in, providing there is no pricing difference between the originally listed item and the substitute item.

Please be aware - Changes to the control sheets (Art Gallery and/or Print Shop) onsite day of Show for any artist will be limited to 25% of the total number of pieces of artwork being submitted into the Art Gallery, not including deletions. Percentages will be calculated by dividing the number of line items with changes by the total number of line items on the control sheets, not the dollar values.


Copies of your control sheet will be available at the Show for use during check-in and check-out procedures.


Piece Id sheets may be printed on 8.5" x 11" paper or Avery #5162 or #8162 labels.

- If you are having trouble getting the Piece Ids to line up properly on the labels, try the following:

- When preparing to print, make sure options such as "Shrink oversized pages to paper size" and "Expand small pages to paper size" and other such re-sizing options are not selected.

- Under the printer's properties, locate the option that indicates which side of the paper is going to be bound (for making books or stapling pages together). Change this option to bind along the TOP edge instead of the LEFT edge and then set the "Gutter" to "0". (With this setting, the Gutter amount can now be adjusted slightly if your labels are printing too high up on the page.


Print Shop Control Sheets

For each Print Shop title you are entering into the Show, you will need to fill out the following fields on your control sheet:

Quantity - The number of copies of this print that you are placing in the Print Shop.

- This information will be used to determine the number of piece id labels to be created when you use the "Generate Piece Id Sheets" button.

Price - The price for each copy.

- We will charge a 15% sales commission on all pieces sold in the Print Shop. Allow for this when calculating your sale price.

- Use whole dollar amounts only.

- This information will be automatically populated to the piece id sheets when you use the "Generate Piece Id Sheets" button.

Title - The title of the print.

- Populating this field will cause the "Piece Id" field to automatically generate.

- This information will be automatically populated to the piece id sheets when you use the "Generate Piece Id Sheets" button.

Original Medium - The medium of the original artwork for this print.

- This information will be automatically populated to the piece id sheets when you use the "Generate Piece Id Sheets" button.


An artist may enter a maximum of 15 different print titles into the Print Shop, for a maximum of 150 total items.

- This means an artist may bring 150 copies of 1 print title, 15 copies each of 10 different print titles or 10 copies each of 15 different print titles, etc. as long as they do not exceed the 15 print title or 150 total item limit for the Print Shop.

- Please be aware that while we do allow a maximum of 15 different print titles, we recommend no more than 10 different print titles. The reason for this is that there is a limited amount of space in the Print Shop. We may have to stack prints closer together if we begin to get crowded and those with a large number of print titles may find their prints cannot all be shown at the same time.

- Agents and/or galleries representing a number of artists may bring the maximum quantities PER ARTIST they represent.


Print Shop Piece Id Sheets

All artists (attending and Mail-in) are required to create, printout and verify their own Piece Id sheets using the online system for all artwork checked into the Show for the Print Shop department. The Directors will create current barcodes based on the information inputted by artists online. The barcodes will match each of the Print prices for each title determined by the artist and used by Art Show Staff onsite to increase efficiency during the Show. The Directors will print these out on Avery labels and mail them to all artists (attending and Mail-in) to attach directly to the corresponding piece of artwork.


Print Shop piece id sheets can be printed on either 8.5" x 11" paper or Avery Labels #5162 or #8162


One piece id sheet must be completed for each copy of each print entered into the Print Shop.


Please verify that the price values on the piece id sheets match the price values specified on the control sheet and the barcodes.


Piece Id Field Definitions

Price - The price you are asking for this print.

- This value should be copied directly from the "Price" field on the control sheet.

Piece Id - The piece id of the item, as found in the "Piece Id" field on your Print Shop control sheet.

- This value should be copied directly from the control sheet.

Title - The title of the piece.

Artist - Your name.

- This is the name by which you are known to the art world. It does not need to be your legal name.

Original Medium - The medium of the original artwork for this print.


BarCodes and Piece Ids - For more detailed information about placing barcodes and piece ids on your artwork, please refer to the Displaying Your Art tab.